Crossword Clues

Sheriff’s officer spat furiously during argument. (8)

Month one catches girl from East dressing? (10)

Article Irish left in travel complex. (7)


Crossword Answers

Getting worse at skiing (5,8) GOING DOWNHILL

I like these clues with the double meanings. Going downhill obviously means getting worse but skiers also go downhill!

Boss is right to go after mistake (6) GAFFER

The answer is boss made from mistake i.e. gaffe with right (an r) going after making gaffer, a boss.

One running away receives small support (7) BOLSTER

Half the battle is working out what the answer is. In this case it is ‘support’ which is made from ‘one running away receives small’. One running aways is a bolter, receiving small i.e. an ‘s’, makes bolster, a support.



Beautiful clear sky in Penang yesterday. After so many years experiencing pollution in Hong Kong and China what a magical sky. We have the same in France and I never tire of looking at it…..I do get some strange looks as I stare upwards but I think many people don’t even take the time to notice…..