Crossword Clues

Well I have been getting some flak over some of the recent clues – I agree ‘mushy peas’ was a little out there – so here are 3 clues from a recent Times Cryptic quick crossword. The quick cryptic appears every weekday and is slightly easier than the normal cryptic crossword. I guess designed as a warm up!

1. Joker with trick taking in broadcasters etc. (8)

2. Go overseas? Good to enter Arab state? (8)

3. Sound of pleasure subsequently covering sound of disgust (8)


Crossword Answers

  1. Answer clear – and dry (4) ARID

Some may find this frustrating. Sometimes a word like ‘answer’ may be abbreviated to A (don’t ask me why!) and another word for ‘clear’ is rid. Put them together and yo uget arid meaning dry.

  1. Tea with nothing added for minister (8) CHAPLAIN

The normal word used for ‘tea’ in a crossword clue is cha and ‘nothing added’ is plain. Put them together and you get chaplain i.e. minister.

  1. Sort of food formula for apes (5,4) MUSHY PEAS

Sorry for including this one but it just appealed to my sense of humour. The answer is ‘sort of food’ and is obtained from ‘formula for apes’. The formula means you are going to use the word ‘apes’ and the key word you need to come up with is one that implies an anagram. I answered this by looking at apes and coming up with peas as a food. That then led me to think of mushy peas. So mushy means you anagram apes to come up with peas i.e. mushy peas. Sorry a little obtuse.