Crossword Answers

  1. Answer clear – and dry (4) ARID

Some may find this frustrating. Sometimes a word like ‘answer’ may be abbreviated to A (don’t ask me why!) and another word for ‘clear’ is rid. Put them together and yo uget arid meaning dry.

  1. Tea with nothing added for minister (8) CHAPLAIN

The normal word used for ‘tea’ in a crossword clue is cha and ‘nothing added’ is plain. Put them together and you get chaplain i.e. minister.

  1. Sort of food formula for apes (5,4) MUSHY PEAS

Sorry for including this one but it just appealed to my sense of humour. The answer is ‘sort of food’ and is obtained from ‘formula for apes’. The formula means you are going to use the word ‘apes’ and the key word you need to come up with is one that implies an anagram. I answered this by looking at apes and coming up with peas as a food. That then led me to think of mushy peas. So mushy means you anagram apes to come up with peas i.e. mushy peas. Sorry a little obtuse.


Crossword Answers

Sorry a little late with these:

1. My cold-blooded pet said to be tiny (6) MINUTE

Clues often used the word ‘said’ or ‘sounds like’ as a play on words. So in this instance my cold-blooded pet is said to be ‘tiny’. These answers can be a little obtuse. My becomes mi and cold-blooded pet i.e. newt becomes nute. Put them together and you get minute i.e. tiny.

2. Dismiss clergyman, losing one church (4,7) YORK MINSTER

Recent clues in the Times sometimes use cricketing terms so a little difficult if you don’t like the sport! The answer here is church. Dismiss is ‘york’ which is a way of dismissal in cricket; a fast bowler will aim the ball at the feet of the batsman and bowl him by yorking him. A clergyman is a minister – losing one means taking an ‘i’ out of minister i.e. minster. Put them together and you get York Minster, a church.

3. Criminal made rough arrangement for defence (4,5) HOME GUARD

Cluse are often anagrams and words like criminal can give this away. So the words after criminal are an anagram meaning arrangement for defence. To solve anagrams my preference is to write the letters in a circle and this often helps with the answer. In this instance made rough becomes home guard.

Crossword Answers

1.Holiday venue somewhat comparable to home, on reflection (5) – HOTEL

Often the trick with clues is to work out which part of the clue is the answer. If part of the clue doesn’t really make sense that can be a pointer. So in this example the first 2 words are quite straightforward, ‘holiday venue’, whereas the rest, ‘somewhat comparable to home, on reflection,’ is a little odd although it is linked. The answer then means holiday venue.

When you see the word somewhat that can be a hint that the following words contain a hidden word. This is the case here. But there is a little twist. The word ‘on reflection’ at the end mean that the hidden word is reflected i.e. spelt backwards. So have a look in the middle of ‘comparable to home’ and there’s the word hotel spelt backwards.

2. Pressing to exclude pound of high-calorie food (9) – FATTENING

When you see the word exclude it normally means taking out a letter or letters. In this case  it excludes pound, and the common abbreviation of pound in crosswords is the letter L. So you need to think of another word for pressing which, if you exclude the letter L in the word, relates to high-calorie food.

Another word for pressing….ironing, pushing, urging…all come to mind. You need to think of alternative words….in this case it is another word for ironing…..flattening. Exclude the letter L and you have fattening, which obviously relates to high-calorie food.

3.Farewell to a daughter that is heading for university (5) – ADIEU

Some more abbreviations to learn. When the word daughter is used it is often abbreviated to the letter D. Also when you see the words ‘that is’ the normal abbreviation is ‘i.e.’. Lastly the heading for university i.e. the first letter is the letter U.

So the answer means farewell and is found by ‘a daughter’ AD, followed by ‘that is’ IE, and finally the ‘heading for university’ U………..making ADIEU which is French for farewell.