Crossword Clues

Sheriff’s officer spat furiously during argument. (8)

Month one catches girl from East dressing? (10)

Article Irish left in travel complex. (7)


Crossword Clues

Three easier clues from the Times quick cryptic crossword:

Getting worse at skiing (5,8)

Boss is right to go after mistake (6)

One running away receives small support (7)

Crossword Clues

Three more clues from the Times Quick Cryptic crossword. Slightly easier clues and a good place to learn about how crossword clues are put together.

Drink readily available after close of business (6)

Tremor caused by dessert wine (10)

Bird kept by them usually (3)

Crossword Clues

Well I have been getting some flak over some of the recent clues – I agree ‘mushy peas’ was a little out there – so here are 3 clues from a recent Times Cryptic quick crossword. The quick cryptic appears every weekday and is slightly easier than the normal cryptic crossword. I guess designed as a warm up!

1. Joker with trick taking in broadcasters etc. (8)

2. Go overseas? Good to enter Arab state? (8)

3. Sound of pleasure subsequently covering sound of disgust (8)