Crossword Clues

Well I have been getting some flak over some of the recent clues – I agree ‘mushy peas’ was a little out there – so here are 3 clues from a recent Times Cryptic quick crossword. The quick cryptic appears every weekday and is slightly easier than the normal cryptic crossword. I guess designed as a warm up!

1. Joker with trick taking in broadcasters etc. (8)

2. Go overseas? Good to enter Arab state? (8)

3. Sound of pleasure subsequently covering sound of disgust (8)


Crossword Clues

Right 3 more clues to get your brain going today. The first one will test whether you have been paying attention to previous answers!

  1. Bone found in vegan lunch sent back! (4)
  2. Information about lake in valley (4)
  3. Sound of organ I installed (5)

One hint on how to improve your crossword skills. If you can’t get an answer, say in the Times crossword, make sure you check the answer the next day and work out how the answer was arrived at….practice makes perfect.

Crossword Clues

3 clues from today’s Times Jumbo cryptic crossword:

1. Holiday venue somewhat comparable to home, on reflection (5)

2. Pressing to exclude pound of high-calorie food (9)

3. Farewell to a daughter that is heading for university (5)

3 different types of clues that you often find in cryptic puzzles.