Crossword Answers

1. Joker with trick taking in broadcasters etc. (8) COMEDIAN

The answer is ‘joker’ which you get from trick, being ‘con’, taking in broadcasters etc i.e. media. Con takes in media making comedian.

2. Go overseas? Good to enter Arab state? (8) EMIGRATE

The answer is go overseas. Good is often abbreviated to ‘g’, so g enters an arab state which is emirate, making emigrate.

3. Sound of pleasure subsequently covering sound of disgust (8) LAUGHTER

The answer is sound of pleasure. Subsequently is later which covers a sound of disgust which is ‘ugh’. Put ugh in later and you get laughter.


Crossword Answers

  1. Answer clear – and dry (4) ARID

Some may find this frustrating. Sometimes a word like ‘answer’ may be abbreviated to A (don’t ask me why!) and another word for ‘clear’ is rid. Put them together and yo uget arid meaning dry.

  1. Tea with nothing added for minister (8) CHAPLAIN

The normal word used for ‘tea’ in a crossword clue is cha and ‘nothing added’ is plain. Put them together and you get chaplain i.e. minister.

  1. Sort of food formula for apes (5,4) MUSHY PEAS

Sorry for including this one but it just appealed to my sense of humour. The answer is ‘sort of food’ and is obtained from ‘formula for apes’. The formula means you are going to use the word ‘apes’ and the key word you need to come up with is one that implies an anagram. I answered this by looking at apes and coming up with peas as a food. That then led me to think of mushy peas. So mushy means you anagram apes to come up with peas i.e. mushy peas. Sorry a little obtuse.

Crossword Answers

  1. Father cheeky before bar providing documentary evidence (5,5) PAPER TRAIL

When you see the word providing it normally means that the words coming after it are the answer. So ‘father cheeky before the bar’ means ‘documentray evidence’. In this case you put alternative words together to make the answer. Father is most often abbreviated to ‘pa’, another word for cheeky is ‘pert’ and an alternative to bar is ‘rail’. So put pa and pert together in front of rail – pa-pert-rail. You are looking for documentary evidence (5,5) so pa-pert-rail becomes paper trail i.e. documentary evidence.

  1. Sailor’s in the drink (8) ABSINTHE

Sailor is most commonly abbreviated to AB (abbreviation from Able Seaman, defined as a naval rating of the deck department of a merchant ship with experience of more than 2 years at sea) and in this case you simply roll the AB together with the words following. So ‘ab s in the’ which form absinthe which is a drink.

  1. Queen in combat scare (6) FRIGHT

Queen is usually abbreviated to ER (Elizabeth Regina) or R (Regina, latin for queen) though in my experience it is normally ER. In this instance it is R so you put queen ‘R’ into combat to make another word for scare. Therefore put R in fight i.e. combat and you get fright.

Crossword Answers

  1. Doctor leaves Arctic region, taking fish (4) TUNA

Crosswords abbreviate doctor in several ways – DR, MO (Medical officer), MB (Bachelor of Medicine but usually written MB not BM). The most common use is DR so in this clue DR leaves an Arctic region. The word you are looking for is tundra which basically means a region where tree growth is hindered by low temperatures and short growing seasons. Take DR out of tundra and you are left with tuna, i.e. fish.

  1. Drink offered by Soviet statesman having inflammatory impact (7,8) MOLOTOV COCKTAIL

Interesting one where you need to look a little out of the box. Part of the answer is a Soviet statesman who you might not know off the top of your head. But put together the answer to drink, which is cocktail, and the last bit of the clue, having an imflammatory impact, and you might find the answer which is molotov cocktail. Molotov was the Soviet foreign minister during the Second World War and the Finns mockingly used the term for the hand-held bottle firebombs they used to attack Soviet tanks.

  1. Bird unable to fly has time to ditch (4) MOAT

There are several birds that can’t fly including ostrich, emu, kiwi, rhea and cassowary. But crosswords do also refer to extinct birds that couldn’t fly and probably the most well known is the moa from New Zealand. So the first part ot the answer is MOA which has time (T) which means ditch i.e. moat.

I am note sure if anyone reading the clues and answers finds them of interest but if you do please let me know. I don’t want to bore any of my few readers if they are of little interest.

Crossword Answers

Bone found in vegan lunch sent back! (4) ULNA

Similar to the ‘hotel’ clue recently, just different terminology. The answer is a bone which is ‘found’ in ‘vegan lunch’ but sent back i.e. spelt backwards.

Information about lake in valley (4) GLEN

The answer is a valley. Normal word used for information is gen, which is about lake (L), therefore making glen. Lake is frequently abbreviated to L.

Sound of organ I installed (5) NOISE

The answer is sound made from organ, nose, with ‘I’ installed i.e. put the letter i in the middle of nose. So that makes noise.

Crossword Answers

Dribbling while awake (2,3,4) On The Ball

Crossword clues often involve double meanings i.e. the answer is the same for both parts of the clue. As in this case:

Dribbling – if you are playing football it means you are on the ball i.e. dribbling the football

While awake – awake meaning that you are ‘on the ball’.

Crossword Answers

Participant in assassination in Japan (5)

Hidden word – a participant in assassination in Japan. So the answer is ninja, a mercenary in ancient Japan whose functions included espionage, sabotage, infiltration, assassination and guerrilla warfare.