Crossword Clues

Again clues from today’s Times cryptic crossword:

1. My cold-blooded pet said to be tiny (6)

2. Dismiss clergyman, losing one church (4,7)

3. Criminal made rough arrangement for defence (4,5)



Word of the Day

From today’s Times concise crossword:

Jalousie – a blind or shutter made of a row of angled slats

Origin: French, literally ‘jealousy’, also by extension ‘screen’ associated with the screening of women from view in the Middle East.

Crossword Answers

  1. Father cheeky before bar providing documentary evidence (5,5) PAPER TRAIL

When you see the word providing it normally means that the words coming after it are the answer. So ‘father cheeky before the bar’ means ‘documentray evidence’. In this case you put alternative words together to make the answer. Father is most often abbreviated to ‘pa’, another word for cheeky is ‘pert’ and an alternative to bar is ‘rail’. So put pa and pert together in front of rail – pa-pert-rail. You are looking for documentary evidence (5,5) so pa-pert-rail becomes paper trail i.e. documentary evidence.

  1. Sailor’s in the drink (8) ABSINTHE

Sailor is most commonly abbreviated to AB (abbreviation from Able Seaman, defined as a naval rating of the deck department of a merchant ship with experience of more than 2 years at sea) and in this case you simply roll the AB together with the words following. So ‘ab s in the’ which form absinthe which is a drink.

  1. Queen in combat scare (6) FRIGHT

Queen is usually abbreviated to ER (Elizabeth Regina) or R (Regina, latin for queen) though in my experience it is normally ER. In this instance it is R so you put queen ‘R’ into combat to make another word for scare. Therefore put R in fight i.e. combat and you get fright.