Quote of the Day

Sometimes what you are most afraid of doing is the very thing that will set you free.


Crossword Answers

Sheriff’s officer spat furiously during argument. (8) TIPSTAFF

Spat furiously means an anagram of ‘spat’ during argument i.e. tiff. Rearrange the words ‘spat’ inside ‘tiff’ and you arrive at ‘tipstaff’ which is a sheriff’s officer or bailiff.

Month one catches girl from East dressing? (10) MAYONNAISE

Month is ‘May’ and ‘one’ catches ‘girl from East’ so a girl with the letters turned around. The girl’s name is Sian which you turn around and insert into ‘one’ making onnaise’. Put onnaise on to May making mayonnaise which is the answer to dressing. Sometimes you can solve the clue by guessing the answer i.e. mayonnaise, and then working out how you arrive at the answer.

Article Irish left in travel complex. (7) AIRPORT

Article is ‘a’, Irish is ‘Ir’ and left is port i.e. port and starboard. Put them together and you arrive at airport which is a travel complex.