Quote of the Day

Only dead fish go with the flow.


Crossword Answers

1. Graduate’s cigarette-end on a musical instrument (4,4) BASS TUBA

A graduate will normally be either MA or BA, in this instance BA’s a cigarette-end is a ‘stub’ and put those two words on ‘a’ – and you get bass tuba, a musical instrument. A little convoluted perhaps but the way the clue is phrased you know the answer must be musical instrument.

2. Mean to declare silver necklace ultimately (7) AVERAGE

The answer is ‘mean’ obtained from declare i.e. aver, silver i.e. ag (the chemical symbol of silver) and the letter e, i.e. necklace ultimately, the last letter of necklace.

3. Curve seen in sugarcane (3) ARC

Hidden word – so the answer is ‘curve’ seen inside sugarcane.


Crossword Answers

1. Shambles – first meal for Rover (4,9) – DOGS BREAKFAST

I like this type of clue. The answer is ‘shambles’ arrived at by ‘first meal’ being breakfast and for ‘Rover’ being dog’s making dog’s breakfast!

2. Wader in boots is struggling initially (4) IBIS

A common clue nowadays where the answer is wader. The word initially means that you take the first letter of the preceding four words – i. b.i.s. – making ibis, a wading bird.

3. Dishonourably discharge bank employee (7) CASHIER

A double meaning where both parts of the clue mean the same thing. Dishonourably discharge (from the army for example) would be ‘cashier’ and a bank employee also a ‘cashier’.