Johan Cruyff- RIP

In my opinion one of the greatest footballers ever and the best footballer it has been my privilege to see live. it was 9th February 1977 and England were playing Holland at Wembley in a friendly match. It was a Cruyff master class. It was like watching a master puppeteer pulling the strings of everyone on the pitch. Even when Cruyff didn’t have the ball you watched him because you knew he would soon be receiving the ball. Holland won with ease, 2-0, but it could have been many more. I seem to remember the whole of Wembley clapping the Dutch team off at half time, such was the quality of their football.

He was a legend and the fulcrum around which Holland created that wonderful team playing ‘total football’. What a shame they didn’t win the 1974 World Cup final. A sad day to hear that Johan Cruyff is no longer with us.